Idaho's first medical school to open next year - Iffie Okoronkwo, M.D.

Idaho’s first medical school is on track to open next year

Article Published by: Idaho's first medical school is inching closer to its August 2018 finish line by hiring critical faculty members, developing programs, and constructing facilities. The school is expected to help with Idaho's physician shortage. Construction of the privately funded, for-profit Idaho College of Osteopathic...

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Accelerating maturation of stem cells into neurons - Iffie Okoronkwo, M.D.

Method discovered for accelerating maturation of stem cells to form neurons

Article Published by: Researchers at the University Medical Center of Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU) have developed a promising technique to facilitate the differentiation of stem cells into neurons. This even enables them to accelerate the maturation process. To do this, they used a hydrogel to...

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