"I had the controversial O Shot injection" - Iffie Okoronkwo, M.

“I had the controversial O Shot injection”

Article Published by: cosmopolitan.com

The £1,200 O Shot procedure claims to give you better orgasms, but did it work?

Until very recently sex was something I absolutely dreaded. Rather than feeling excited and turned on at the thought of sleeping with someone new, I was filled with anxiety. This started in my late teens. I was a size 14 and felt unbelievably insecure about my figure. The minute guys saw me naked with a light on, or touched my body, my sex drive went right out of the window. Instead of enjoying the moment, my mind fixated on what they thought of me. And, because of this, I never had an orgasm through sex with a partner.

I knew this wasn’t unusual, and that according to a study in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy, 37 per cent of women and people with vaginas can’t come through penetration. There are so many reasons for this, but I was convinced mine was all in my head. So, when I first learned of the injection that claimed to give you guaranteed orgasms, I knew I had to try it.

I found a clinic in Kent called Elite Aesthetics that offered the procedure, also known as ‘The O Shot’. Some professionals consider it to be controversial because of how it was discovered. The inventor, Dr. Charles Runels, had experimented by injecting blood into his own penis which he claimed led to bigger and stronger erections. In his book, Active the Female Orgasm System: The Story of O Shot, he claims his lover then approached him demanding he perform the procedure on her clitoris as a Valentine’s Day present. He agreed, and claims his partner began having ‘explosive’ orgasms. And thus, The O Shot was born.

What is the O Shot?

The £1200 non-surgical procedure takes around 40 minutes, and involves injecting platelet-rich plasma (PRP) back into your body. Admittedly, it sounds incredibly alien. It works by doctors drawing half a tablespoon of blood from your arm like in a blood test. The blood is then spun in a centrifuge – a machine that allows the blood components to separate, which isolates the PRP.

This plasma is then injected into your genitalia in two places: near the clitoris and into the vaginal wall. According to Dr Shirin Lakhani, the benefits – which are meant to last for up to a year – include easier arousal, better orgasms, G-spot orgasms, increased lubrication and reduced pain during sex. Some health professionals also recommend the procedure to those who struggle with urinary incontinence.

But, as gynaecologist and Executive Medical Director of Intimate You Dr George Botros explains, “To date, studies of the effects of injections of PRP in the vulvo-vaginal area have been small.” In other words, more research is needed before we can really be sure of how effective the injections are.

There’s also been little valid research into the effects of procedure. “There’s no mechanism of action that I can see that would really facilitate arousal and orgasm,” Laura Berman told Harpers Bazaar. “It feels like they’re taking advantage of a valid longing that millions of women have and stating a claim that hasn’t been supported in any substantial way other than through anecdotal reports.”

Getting the O Shot

The medical uncertainty surrounding the procedure made me a little apprehensive, as did the idea of a sharp needle being inserted into my vagina. Ultimately though, the thought of enjoying sex more and orgasming through penetration spurred me on.

After hours of research to ease my worries, I booked an appointment with Dr Shirin Lakhani. I learned from her that there was an 85 per cent success rate with the injection, but I read countless reviews online from people gushing about how much the injection had improved their sex lives.

On the day of the procedure, my legs shook for an hour as I drove to the clinic. When I arrived, Dr. Shirin explained the cons: potential bruising and the fact that despite emptying my bank account, there was the chance the shot might not even work. Also, as a smoker (and therefore someone with weaker plasma than a non-smoker) it wouldn’t be as successful for me. Still, I was willing to take the chance.

I climbed up onto the medical bed and laid back as the blood was taken from my arm. Although injections don’t phase me, I knew the impending injection into the walls of my vagina was probably going to be a different story. A couple of minutes later, after my blood was in the centrifuge, she returned with the needle. I desperately tried not to look at it, but couldn’t help myself. It was bigger than I expected, and I could feel the goosebumps on the back of my neck. I forced myself to stay calm.

Opening my legs, she injected the first lot of plasma into the wall of my vagina. I couldn’t tell how deep it went in, but the job was done in seconds. That was easy and painless, I thought, as a wave of nerves left my body. Then came the second injection by my clitoris. It wasn’t painful, but it did make me wince as it felt like a sharp pinch. Thankfully, that was it.

Testing it out

As instructed, I waited two weeks to have sex to allow time for my vagina to kick into gear. Being single made the wait much easier, but I have honestly never felt so damn frustrated in my life. For many people who have the O Shot, their libido is heightened. Mine was so high I was sat on the tube imagining what it would be like to do the 70-year-old next to me.

Two weeks later, my chance to test it out came. The guy I’d been hooking up with for years sent the classic ‘wyd’ text at 1.30am. On the drive over to his house, I was so excited by the possibility of finally having an orgasm during sex that I forgot all about my usual body worries. But as I pulled up outside his house it hit me: I was going to have to get naked.

We went upstairs and began fondling each other. As per, my insecurities were at the forefront of my mind until he brushed his hand up my thigh and I felt a tingling in my vagina. The pleasure was more heightened than ever before. In the moment for the first time, the pleasure got better and better as he rubbed my vulva. It was so good I literally ripped my clothes off without a care in the world.

It’s safe to say I lost my orgasm virginity approximately one minute into penetration, and did not give a second thought to what he could be thinking about my body. Of course, I’d made myself come through masturbation countless times. This, though, was on a whole new level. A legitimate explosion of pleasure.

My sex life now

Having had a few more months to reflect, I’ve realised that not only has the O Shot given my sex life a boost, I also just feel so much sexier. Perhaps it’s because my partners can tell I’m genuinely enjoying it and they feel more in the zone because of that.

I’ve been much more sexually active since, too. It makes a nice change to actually relax enough to be able to come, instead of just bitterly watching a guy climax while I lay there frustrated.

I’m yet to let my body insecurities get in the way, and don’t rely on a bottle of rose at the pub to make me feel somewhat good about my figure like I used to. After all, I’m too busy coming to give a shit how my body looks at certain angles, if my cellulite is showing, or if my stretch marks are visible.


Iffie Okoronkwo, M.D. is a Spine and Sports Rehabilitation Medicine and Pain Management physician at Manhattan Spine and Sports Medicine (http://www.manhattanmd.com/), a private practice based in New York City with 40 years of experience providing the finest expert medical care and services to patients around the world.

Dr. Iffie is board certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and, as a physiatrist, utilizes ultrasound guided injections, fluoroscopy guided injections, PRP, regenerative medicine, and more to evaluate and treat a variety of conditions affecting muscles, joints, ligaments, and nerves.