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The O-Shot: What you should know about the vaginal injection for better orgasms

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Think of it like a vampire facial… for down there.

You may have heard of the Vampire Facial before -made famous by Kim Kardashian, and as grim as it sounds, it involves injecting your own blood back into your face.

However, you might not have heard of the ‘O-Shot’? Otherwise known as the ‘Orgasm Shot’, and effectively the same thing – only for your vagina.

Women are now turning to the weird new trend looking for better orgasms. But should you try it? Here’s what you need to know.

What is the O-Shot?
Exactly as it says on the tin, the ‘O-Shot’ promises to reactivate libido, give more intense orgasms and a strength the vaginal muscles to assist declining bladder control and prolapse.

Aside from being used as a conversation catalyst for female pleasure (which we are all for, by the way), the new medical development is also being used as a genuine therapy by Australian women seeking, to put it bluntly, greater sexual satisfaction.

Where can I get the O-Shot in Australia?
Dr Mike Shenouda, founder of the O-Shot Clinic at Géniale Skin and Medical Aesthetics Clinic in Sydney, says there are only a handful of accredited doctors in Australia who perform the procedure which rejuvenates and revitalises clitoral and vaginal function.

What can I expect?
“After the O-Shot, women experience greater arousal from clitoral stimulation, stronger and more frequent orgasms, increased ability to have a vaginal orgasm and an overall increased sexual desire. In addition, the O-Shot increases natural lubrication and decreases urinary incontinence,” Dr Shenouda says.

He adds that the procedure is “actually quite simple”. “It involves the extraction of Platelet Rich Plasma, which is taken from the patient’s own blood. First, there is blood extraction just like any blood test, then the platelets are isolated and growth factors are released and activated by a special calcium chemical. Finally, the calcium is re-injected with a tiny needle into the clitoris and upper vaginal area, sometimes known as the G Spot.”

Essentially, how it works is the PRP amplifies and augments the areas affecting intimate sensitivity, he says, adding the 30-minute process is relatively painless because it involves numbing cream applied to the vagina followed by a “brief sting like injection”.

How long does it last?
Dr Shenouda says: “It’s a new procedure so we’re still learning about long term results. From my own experience with client feedback, I would say that the effect appears to last well. The research to date says up to three years”.


Iffie Okoronkwo, M.D. is a Spine and Sports Rehabilitation Medicine and Pain Management physician at Manhattan Spine and Sports Medicine (, a private practice based in New York City with 40 years of experience providing the finest expert medical care and services to patients around the world.

Dr. Iffie is board certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and, as a physiatrist, utilizes ultrasound guided injections, fluoroscopy guided injections, PRP, regenerative medicine, and more to evaluate and treat a variety of conditions affecting muscles, joints, ligaments, and nerves.