Vatican Hosts Stem Cell Research Conference - Dr. Iffie Okoronkwo, M.D.

Vatican Hosts Stem Cell Research Conference

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Where Robin is there at the Vatican moderating and participating in a conference about the stem cell research that could potentially save lives.

Hey, robin, tell us about this conference you’re at right now. Well, bon Joran Giorno, Michael. I knew you couldn’t resist. Talking about stem cell research and I’m so honored to be asked to share my story and with my sister sally-ann, my big sister sally-ann, many are aware she was my bone marrow donor back in 2012, she is here along with one of my doctors from memorial sloan-kettering back in new York, Dr. Sergio giralt and sharing everything we have gone through in this journey and people are very excited. Hello. Vice president Joe Biden will be addressing this conference tomorrow. You know about his moon shot initiative and of course we’re also going to have an audience with the pope but it’s really been remarkable, the strides that are being made and the real advances we are seeing in these medical advancements. Robin, all that commotion behind you. I know. That was a remarkable shot. After you’ve been through what I’ve been through, what is a little chaos. And we all do remember you were at the Vatican just two weeks before your stem cell transplant. Must be so moving to be back. Oh, many of you there, George, Lara, Amy, Michael, you guys remember, you remember so incredibly well and it was just weeks before I was going to have the transplant and I came here to the Vatican and said a prayer I would be able to have the strength to face whatever it is, whatever the outcome was going to be and this whole conference, guys, which really is very interesting, it’s that balance between science and faith. How science interfaces with faith and vice versa and I have to say, you know, when I said to you all I’m going to the Vatican and we’re talking about stem cell research and advances and you’re like, the Vatican and stem cells? Amazing. Pope Francis, yeah, pope Francis and you know we talk about immunotherapy. Lara, you have a friend going through that. Yep. And so these are the types of advances that we are seeing that are making a true difference and I can’t wait to share more with you throughout the morning. Sounds fascinating. We can’t wait either. Thank you. Knew we have to go to ginger.


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